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Maryana LLC is one of the largest beauty retailers that provides one-stop shopping for many prestigious cosmetic products in Oman and UAE.

Many leading international brands like Kryolan, Jean D’Arcel, Flormar, Berdoues, Termix, Donatti and our own in-house brand Lash Box and Paris Lenses are distributed through our wide network of Shops in Oman and UAE. We carry a careful selection of unique and high-quality brands from all around the world with a commitment to quality and outstanding customer care.

  • Maryana L.L.C was originally established in Sultanate of Oman and
    domestically employs more than 150 staffs in doing its retail business
  • The company provides extensive cosmetics retail experience from
    many well-known brands from Europe and America. The
    distribution experience has been gained in all channels of supply
    with a focus on direct supply from Supplier to Retail.
  • Maryana L.L.C has over 20 retail stores in Oman and UAE.

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